Breigarth is the southern province of Auldwynn. It is ruled by King Dyri Valbrandyr.

The province is considered the breadbasket of Auldwynn, and is where much of its true wealth comes from. The landscape is dotted with smaller rivers and streams and farming communities abound, as well as many of the country’s larger cities. Haugate on Lake Lundfell is technically larger than the capitol of Haarstrand, and were it not for the superior ocean access there the Empire likely would have stationed itself in Haugate.

The people of Breigarth are split between the lower class farmers and the middle class merchentmen and river peddlers. Most of the important developments in recent history have taken place in the province. They also provide vital logistics support in the form of food for the Wall in Northskaar and the less-fertile lands of Steindahl.

Politically, King Valbrandyr is all but a puppet monarch for the Valcyon Empire. By far the youngest Hetman, he succeeded a childless king whom he was distantly related to through a series of convoluted agreements and bargaining amongst the higher class. The rulers of the other three provinces were disgusted at this, as usually a King not succeeded by a child is chosen based on merit. He is not popular, neither amongst the other Hetmen or his people (viewed as a convenient figure head by the merchant class and a strange interloper by the lower classes).

Politically, Valbrandyr will almost certain fall in line with Imperial aggression, but he does not truly have a firm control over Breigarth.


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